Voice Acting

Audiobook Voice Acting

An Extended Deep Dive into Voice Acting for Audiobooks

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Once you've learned the ins and outs of your voice, how to act with that voice, and how to audition in order for someone to pay you to act with that voice, you have some decisions to make! What sort of voice acting would you like to do?

One of (if not) the fastest growing market segments for voice acting is audio books. It is a way to get consistent work in large quantities, if you know where and how to find it. It is also one of the most demanding and wildly varied types of voice acting out there. It requires you to take on the role both of actor (a full cast!) as well as director, and oftentimes sound editor and proofer!

This class is designed to give you insight into a workflow that will cover the initial foray into the world of audiobook voice acting, auditioning and booking gigs, handling customers, editing audio, and all the way to managing your own overall business model for your work.

6-weeks, 90 minutes each week

This class is 6 weeks and will attempt to have multiple timeslots to accomodate all timezones. Each class session is 90 minutes, but some classes may go over. There will be discussion each week on your projects.

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This class is recorded so you'll be able to keep up to date even if you miss a session.

20 Credits

This class takes 20 credits to enroll.

Instructor, TA, and Peer education

This class has an instructor, a TA, and peer run assistance to help answer your questions. This class' format is feedback-based.

Small Class Size

This class' format is feedback-based. There are a limited number of students that can enroll in this class.

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Compelling characters


  • Knowledge on how to allow your unique, authentic signature voice to develop
  • The ability to apply the principals of vocal health and how to maintain optimum strength for lengthy recording sessions
  • A performable, re-creatable catalogue of characters
Voice Acting

One of (if not) the fastest growing market segments for voice acting is audio books.

We Want Results!

  • Business Model: There's an in-depth coverage of all of the business elements that go into forming a long-term career in Audiobook performance. This includes managing clients, handling schedules, and pricing your labor.

  • Performance: There are unique aspects to performing an audiobook - this class will cover all of those things. You should already have a strong understanding of vocal performance: this will take those skills and put them to the test on the overall approach to performing an entire audiobook from start to finish.

  • Editing: The ability to understand both how to edit audiobooks and what the expectations are in today's industry, as well as how to tell when something is wrong with your audio (as well as possible fixes). Critical thinking and problem solving in edits will be covered.

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