Audiobook Voice Acting

An Extended Deep Dive into Audiobook Voice Acting
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Hosted by

Chris Boucher

Course Overview

Transform yourself with Audiobook Voice Acting

Once you've learned the ins and outs of your voice, how to act with that voice, and how to audition in order for someone to pay you to act with that voice, you have some decisions to make! What sort of voice acting would you like to do?

One of (if not) the fastest growing market segments for voice acting is audio books. It is a way to get consistent work in large quantities, if you know where and how to find it. It is also one of the most demanding and wildly varied types of voice acting out there. It requires you to take on the role both of actor (a full cast!) as well as director, and oftentimes sound editor and proofer!

This class is designed to give you insight into a workflow that will cover the initial foray into the world of audiobook voice acting, auditioning and booking gigs, handling customers, editing audio, and all the way to managing your own overall business model for your work.

Course Outcomes

  • Key Objectives:
    • Knowledge on how to allow your unique, authentic signature voice to develop

    • The ability to apply the principals of vocal health and how to maintain optimum strength for lengthy recording sessions

    • A performable, re-creatable catalogue of characters

Hosted By

  • Chris Boucher

    Chris is the founder of Actors Everywhere, an arts company that dovetails creative models with new business models to mutual benefit, allowing the arts to finally stand on their own both financially and creatively.Actors Everywhere currently puts out Audiobooks with narrators who have stage performance training, at a rate and quality that is unmatched in the industry. Chris is a former US Air Force enlisted man, and holds degrees in both computer science and dramatic arts.

Course Schedule

2-4 hours per week
  • Thursdays

    7PM-8:30PM EST

    Our live sessions happen every Thursday.
  • Homework

    About 2 hours per week

    It will take about 2 hours each week for homework. Please plan accordingly

Course Benefits

  • Live interactive classes

    You will get personalized feedback and sessions will be just like a classroom setting
  • Video Recordings & Downloadable Content

    If you need to review a class or want to learn more, the content will be ready for you
  • Dedicated Assistance

    This course has an instructor, a TA, and peer-run assistance to help you with your questions.

Frequency Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a class?
We will record the live session for you to review.
What is your refund policy?
No refunds. Please be sure you want to take the course before you purchase it.
Do I have to turn on my video during sessions?
If you are uncomfortable showing your face on video, you don’t have to. It is helpful for instructors to watch your gestures and your movements in order to properly assess you as a student, but it’s not required.


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