Journey: Striving for Quality Ft: Elsie Lovelock

Event Starts in 20 days.

Starts at Fri, Oct 21 4:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Journey: Striving for Quality Ft: Elsie Lovelock

AMA hosted by Jamil Burger

The "Journey," continues in this brand-new series we are starting, hosted by Jamil Burger from our community, inviting industry pros to share their journey with you. We welcome Elsie Lovelock
as our next guest!

Elsie Lovelock is a British voice actor and singer who has been acting since the age of 16. A force of creative nature since toddlerhood, she has been in many musical theatre productions and shows, both professional and amateur, and has worked as a host and entertainer professionally. Having had her own YouTube channel since 2008 where she has uploaded over 200+ self-mixed song covers with a combined total of over 70 million views, she has also used this knowledge and experience to further assist her in the vocal world.