What Have Our Members Been Saying About Us

“Enrolling in VA101 has been one of the best investments I have made in myself for quite some time. Brendan’s encouraging words and engaging curriculum left me feeling that this is something I can truly accomplish. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!”

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An incredibly useful class for someone who’s trying to be a voice actor, and has little idea where to even begin. A well thought out package, led by incredible talent.
"You are awesome. This website is amazing and the classes are so helpful. I spent months looking for voice acting classes and couldn't find any that taught what I wanted to learn. This has changed me so much for the better so thank you. I appreciate all of this and all you do. "
"10/10 site, glad I found it when I did."
"Casting Call Club has done a great job of demystifying an area that is kind of hard to get into, whether as a hobby or a career. Having already taken the VA101 class, it'd be pretty neat to have more focused and specified classes available for a detailed look at specific aspects of the VO field. Good work, and thanks for the opportunities!"
"Thanks for all your hard work =) I think becoming a well rounded voiceover artist includes acting, recording/editing, and marketing, so focusing classes on each of these would be beneficial"
"Thank you for giving me and others a platform to voice act. I've improved so much because of this website and I can't wait to see what will happen to CCC in the future!"
"Buford, honestly thank you so much for creating CCC and the classes. This site is spectacular. Not only can you audition and practice, but it is free! I'm so glad you decided to make this amazing website. Also, the classes are so helpful, and I met so many great people!! Thank you so much!"
"I have had a wonderful experience with CCC, and I have been commissioned in a couple of things because of it. Maybe you could offer an animation course? Thanks!"
"I see amazing benefits to all of these classes. Thank you for all the hard work you and everyone at CCC do!"
"I hope this site becomes a juggernaut that competes with the likes of sites like Voices and Voice123, because it opens the door for new and fresh talent, while still allowing experienced creators to continue to find success. However it doesn’t force you to pay for the change to audition, unlike those other sites, which I appreciate about CCC."
"When I first started, I signed up to audition for one specific role. A year later, in the present, I’m working on my own project, to which I hope it goes far. The time I have spent so far in CCC has really been amazing and has excited me since day one. Thank you so much :)"
"Buford, thank you for taking time out of your day to stay involved with one of the most influential websites in the online voice acting landscape. Thank you for taking feedback, listening to the community, and crafting CCC into something we can all enjoy. Keep it up, because this website is amazing."
The only thing I can say is I wish it was longer.
"I just want to thank you all for what you do, and the amazing opportunity that you provide us all. I would have never known where, let alone been able to afford to, start my dream career, if it weren't for this amazing site. So, thank you guys, and keep being awesome."
"You've done a fantastic job with this site. I'm glad I found it when I did because it very well could have changed my life for the better."
"For having started CCC three years ago, I believe you are heading in the right direction. The website itself is very accessible and user friendly, and having the option of classes has been a huge help for me since I was trying to find a way to learn voice acting. After having taken VA 101, my skills have made a noticeable improvement, and I have actually gain more confidence whenever I talk or record audio (I don't stutter or stumble over my words as much as I used to). You are doing something good here for countless people and I hope that you continue this good work. "
"Just thank you for creating a platform to allow so many of us to try to make our dreams a reality. "
"I don’t know where I would be without this site. I owe you guys a lot. "

“John is if not the best teacher I’ve had, definitely in the top 10, and I’ve done 50 credits of college online.”

"Thank you for this opportunity. I had thought it would be impossible to try and make voice acting a career. That I would have to move far away, but this has given me the hope that I can start now. I will try and use the skills that I learn here to the fullest and hopefully make something out of it. So again, thank you :)"
"I really like CCC and it made me improve on my voice acting and i have been using it since 2016 ever since i got into voice acting. so i am really grateful for this website. I will continue supporting CCC. :3"
"Thank you so much for this opportunity to do this!! I just wanted to say how grateful I am for helping me (AND all those other future voice actors out there) pave the way to our dreams!!!!"
"Entire website gives off is welcoming and new comer friendly! I'm a college student just trying to get my foot in the door for Media Arts, and I came across this. About to try my first recording. Wish me Luck!"
"Thank you for the opportunities that you give us aspiring actors/voice actors/artists/singers/etc! I can’t wait to see what I can do next!"
"I just want to say that the vibe this "Thank you for making this site and allowing people the opportunity to do what they love!"
"Thank you for offering these awesome classes!"
"Love your website, thank you for making it."
"Thank you for making CCC!! Acting is my passion and my dream career and I'm gaining so much experience and hope to attend one of these classes next year!!"
"I think that what you have done with this website has helped so many people and I just want to say thank you"
"Thank you for this amazing website. It’s helped me so much with finding new projects and finding talent. I hope you have a great day! :)"
"Buford, I have become a very personal fan of your website. I have felt welcomed within the community that your website has created, and it has allowed me to make many new friends. I hope the site continues to grow and improve."
"I think you're awesome! Keep up the great work. This site has brought me lots of joy and new friends, as well as more confidence in myself. Thank you!"