VO Narration Workshop with Dave Bisson

Event Starts in 14 days.

Starts at Sat, Dec 10 2:00PM Central Time (US & Canada).

VO Narration Workshop with Dave Bisson

Workshop hosted by Dave Bisson

Ah, Narration. The bread & butter of a VO career. While the compensation is not as high as Commercials, there is a LOT of this work out there, and thus, the competition is not quite so fierce. Suffice it to say, I do plenty of Narration VO work. In this workshop, I'll show you how to break down any Narration script to get to that friendly conversational read (Yep, even in Narration, everything is still conversational), as well as all the usual traps & pitfalls to avoid.

We'll be working with actual Narration scripts from projects I've booked, & all participants will get at least 1 turn at the mic. Participants will perform a portion of their chosen script, receive personal direction from Dave, & then perform a second read. The ability to record yourself & listen back will help you get the most out of this workshop - even if it's just using the voice memo recorder on your phone!

ONLY 8 spots of PARTICIPATION avail, but you can "spectator"/audit the workshop :)

All real-world scripts, pairs, and solo work. Scripts are sent to Participants ahead of time, class is recorded for you to keep.