Video Game Workshop with Jenn Henry

Event Starts in 9 days.

Starts at Mon, Dec 05 6:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Video Game Workshop with Jenn Henry

AMA hosted by Jamil Burger

Workshop Breakdown:Be authentic. Bring YOU to the mic!” We hear it all the time, but what the hell does it even mean? How do we create authentic performances, build characters who resonate on a very human level, take copy off the page to bring a scene to life?

…it starts with permission.

Hangout and get closer to what you, as an upright biped, bring to the table.

SPOILER: You already have more than you may know.

Find authentic performances.

Make your baggage your bitch! COME PLAY.

- How to use life experiences , good and bad, to build characters and performances

- How to create spacial references to enhance dynamics of a performance

- How words are a vehicle, you are the fuel and fire

- How to "give yourself permission" to LET RIP

ONLY 8 spots of PARTICIPATION avail, but you can "spectator"/audit the workshop :)

All real-world scripts, pairs, and solo work. Scripts are sent to Participants ahead of time, class is recorded for you to keep.