Addons & Plug-ins & Inserts - OH MY!

Event Starts in 1 month.

Starts at Fri, Nov 10 7:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Addons & Plug-ins & Inserts - OH MY!

Community hosted by Jamil Burger

Okay so you're getting the hang of using your DAW of choice — be it REAPER, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Studio One, or even the (somehow still) "industry standard" software Pro Tools — and you're now wondering to yourself:

Gee, I wonder what the best plug-ins are for voice actors to use?

You're not alone! This is a common conundrum for voice actors and folks learning post processing for VO audio, and while there is no definitive list or absolute "must have" plugins that every actor / editor should go out and buy, Tony and Neth have begun the task of putting together some suggestions for a variety applications.

So come join Closing Credits' dynamic duo from our audio department as they present their list of paid (and free!) plug-ins that they both use, share suggestions from some of Tony's former students, and even share some plug-ins that can make audio post processing ridiculously fun!

Note: The first hour-ish will follow Tony and Neth as they introduce and give some basic demos of their recommended plug-in list, and the last hour-ish they'll open up to questions - so make sure to take notes as they go and ask your questions at the end!

Tony Wijs is a seasoned audio producer with over 10 years of experience. After getting his bachelors in audio production, he began to freelance on many productions including sound design, video production, and documentaries. He has extensive knowledge in the voice acting field and can be heard in video games such as Overload, a hit video game on console and steam, and has voiced many commercials on major networks including ABC. He also recently voiced a children's learn-to-read sound book library for Marvel.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Immersed Productions, which specializes in voice over demo production, casting, as well as sound design for video games.

If he’s not out recording new sounds for a project he’s hanging out with his son, gaming and playing music.

Laneth Sffarlenn has been a part-time voice actor for the better part of a decade, seeking balance between their commercial vo work and their full-time corporate nine-to-five. Meeting Tony in late 2019 and eventually coming to work with him here at Closing Credits, Neth's newfound fascination with audio production and post processing work not only replaced their full-time job but also became a topic of interest that sees them learning something new almost every day.

Though they do have some experience in stage and screen acting and a deep abiding love for both those unique forms of performance, Neth came to voice acting after living a life as a mimic and being told endlessly that they "should be a voice actor!" Ironically the bulk of their work to date has been commercial and not character-based, but that didn't stop them making their anime debut in 2022 (thanks, also, to Closing Credits!)

Aside from learning as much as they can about REAPER, Neth's focus is on sound design and location audio recording. When they aren't online (which is rare), they can be found either volunteering on indie sets as a sound recordist and boom operator or rolling their d20 dice (poorly) in D&D games.