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  • The pre-requisite of this course is Solopreneur 1.

    Welcome back! Get ready to launch, build, and level up your VO biz from the ground up! As the sequel to Solopreneur 1, we will map out your current business model, and offer a core framework for navigating daily multi-tasking actions to dealing with psychological stress, and developing a daily grind that has both a health and wellness balance, and a structure that makes sense for your lifestyle and time commitment.

    Key areas we will look at: time management, financial investment, agencies, casting, and management decisions, contracts, unions. Basically anything and everything that makes your business run. This is a student-driven and directed course, so be prepared to bring questions, discoveries, anecdotes, to share with the group. No topic is off the table. Professional resources, and possible pop-in guests. This is for serious-minded VO professionals at all levels. We will meet you exactly where you're at, and help you move up in the industry. 

  • In this 6-week intensive, you will receive the core training of how to's of becoming a solo-preneur in the voice over industry and learn the tools, tricks and techniques of building a solid foundation as a DBA/LLC business in the first year.

    The basics of marketing and branding, creating and sustaining mindpower and focus, as well as discovering hidden gems to help you avoid common pitfalls that new VO talent fall into.

    Focus on how to get the best bang for your buck in training, demo production and marketing your talents. You will walk away knowing the ABC's of becoming a voice-over professional and what you realistically need to invest/commit to become successful.

    This course is the culmination of Lau Lapides' many years as President and Founder at Lau Lapides company, professional SAG-AFTRA member, head agent with Model Club Inc, and many more. Full bio below.

  • Come be a part of the LA SOVAS-nominated Radio Play class, being recognized from coast to coast! Be a star and voice your own original character from our amazing studio writers’ collaboration, and work with high-profile guest audio directors to realize your vision in a professionally produced radio play recording with all the bells and whistles! With a character and animation base! A vintage radio twist, with a contemporary appeal. Pre-requisite: you must have a basic home studio setup.