7 Core Elements of Performance: James Alburger

Event Starts in 21 days.

Starts at Sat, Dec 17 7:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

7 Core Elements of Performance: James Alburger

AMA hosted by Jamil Burger

Following a 25-year career with NBC, San Diego, and the recipient of 11 Emmy Awards for audio production and sound design, James Alburger opened VoiceActing.com in 1998 as an independent voice actor, performance coach and audio post-production expert.

Between 2007 and 2014, James co-produced the VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE) convention, the first International convention for voiceover talent. During its ground-breaking 5-event run, the VOICE conventions literally changed the industry by bringing the International voiceover community together for the first time and spawning numerous other voiceover conferences and events.

James literally “wrote the book” on voice acting! Most voiceover professionals consider his book to be “the bible” of voice acting. While most books on voiceover focus on how the author “did it,” The Art of Voice Acting is a comprehensive manual of voiceover and acting techniques that focuses on how the reader can succeed in the craft and business of voiceover. The book is used Internationally in the U.S., the U.K., Europe and China as a performing arts and voice acting textbook, and is considered “the bible of the voiceover industry” by most voiceover professionals.

For more than 25 years, James has worked with actors, voiceover talent, and professional speakers, taking the actor’s initial choices to a new level through his understanding of the nuance of interpretation, delivery, blocking, timing, and character. He has directed hundreds of commercial voice talent, specialty performers and on-camera talent. He provides continued support through his mastermind group, The Conductor’s Club.

Topics Covered:

1) 14 ways to work with phrasing

2) 7 keys to interpreting a script

3) How to get and hold the listener's attention

4) Working with the three dots

ONLY 8 spots of PARTICIPATION avail, but you can "spectator"/audit the workshop :)

All real-world scripts, pairs, and solo work. Scripts are sent to Participants ahead of time, class is recorded for you to keep.