Voice Over Tips: So You Need a Microphone?

Event Starts in 24 days.

Starts at Fri, Oct 20 7:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Voice Over Tips: So You Need a Microphone?

Community hosted by Jamil Burger

Whether you are shopping for your very first mic, or are looking to upgrade to something new, there’s a number of important things that you should consider before handing over your hard-earned cash!

Over the next hour, our host Jamil Burger from our community will explore these topics with Closing Credits’ Audio Engineering instructor Tony Wijs, and his TA Laneth. Q&A Time will run after the first hour.

Topics will include:

- The importance of acoustic treatment of your recording space;

- Your budget and not just buying what’s “popular” or trendy;

- Types of microphones available, and their common uses;

- USB or XLR?

- What is an “interface” and why would I need one?

- Try before you buy - if you can!

- and more!

Tony obtained his bachelors in audio production and has since gone on to achieve over a decade of experience in countless freelance productions, including sound design, video production, and documentaries. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Immersed Productions which specializes in voice-over demo production, casting, and sound design for video games. To top it all off he’s a voice actor himself, with numerous video game and commercial credits.

Laneth has lived the last twenty-something years as a bit of a “jack-of-all-trades” nomad, working or volunteering in a wide range of creative roles, all while working an administrative day job. Drawing on their musical theatre and screen acting experience, the experience gained in over a decade of content creation and production for YouTube, and a smattering of other curiosities, Neth’s approach to voice acting and audio engineering is still fairly early in its development. So while they continue to learn and grow themselves, they’ve got their admin assistant’s hat on to help Tony teach and others learn.