Get Mic'd - VO Workout

Event Starts in 26 days.

Starts at Wed, Mar 27 8:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Get Mic'd - VO Workout



This is a safe place to try new things, get script time and direct feedback on your auditions and voice time on the mic.  Join us every month or when you can.  Work on scripts we provide or bring in your own auditions, get feedback and record while you're in session for a much better chance to nail the job!  Work with two TOP Award Winning Professionals who want to help you with your audition skills, comprehension, risk taking, accountability and more.  This is the most cost effective way to work with these two in-demand dynamos in an ALL MIC TIME script workout experience.  What are you waiting for?  At this price - you can't afford not to. 

Hosted By

Elley Ray
Elley Ray

An award-winning “BON VIVANT,” this theatrical alchemist; Awakens, Inspires and Delights ALL who witness her unique form of “MAGIC!”

ELLEY has traversed the stages, film sets, television and radio studios for over 40 years, delighting audiences World-Wide. Her talent and compassion to share it are ” unparalleled.”

Elley has performed in over 300 theatrical productions, with hundreds of on-camera series and movies to her credit and voiced literally thousands of commercial campaigns, animated series, animated movies and games (IMDB)

Currently, Elley voices delightful characters on My Little Pony, The Becky and Bagel Show, Corn & Peg, Hotel Transylvania, Cyberchase and Arthur, with some surprises coming up (Including a new Cartoon Network show – NDA, where she plays a 55 year old man among others). She also narrates the TV Series, Guilty Rich. Currently has a national campaign for Belair Direct and Subaru.

Elley juries the EMMY AWARDS for Best Animated Series and Best Voice.

A union talent, this team creates a very unique balance of creativity, knowledge, spirituality, risk and drive - two worlds collide and create The Get' Mic'd Team (An experience you WILL NOT FORGET)


Deb Munro - aka VOChef Deb
Deb Munro - aka VOChef Deb

A culinary of flavors - complimenting a variety of projects from sweet to spicy, organic to exotic and everything in between!   This award winning VO Chef offers over 30 years of experience as a talent, on-camera performer, host, director, coach, demo producer, and well known as co-creator of The Ultimate VO Survivor and so much more.  From her iconic role as 'Mai' & 'Chi Chi' in DragonBall, Pirates of the Carribbean, Never Winters Night, Benjamin The Elephant, to her steady roles as Promo voice for over 4 TV Network stations, Several Radio Stations, Thousands of Commercials, Narrations and more.  Recent commercial bookings, Marshals/HomeSense/Winners, Bank of Montreal, Walmart, Door Dash, Pet Valu, FireHouse Subs and so much more

This non-union FULL TIME voice talent believes in getting right to the point - they way she would want to be taught. 

This incredible team of talent know exactly what you need and will change your view on your auditions and this industry by the time this workshop is complete!