Authentic Commercial Workshop

Event Starts in 1 month.

Starts at Sat, Jun 29 3:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Authentic Commercial Workshop



Join our exclusive Commercial Voiceover Workshop led by Dave Bisson, a seasoned Chicago-based voice artist with extensive experience in a wide range of voiceover work, excluding audiobooks. Discover the secrets to delivering reads that resonate with authenticity and relatability, a must in today‚Äôs market where the demand is for "Conversational," "Authentic," "Genuine," and "Guy/Girl-next-door" qualities. 

Learn how to effectively interpret commercial scripts, bringing out an authentic, conversational, friendly, and confident voice without needing in-depth knowledge of the product, such as power saws. This workshop will also uncover common script pitfalls that may be hindering your genuine voice, guiding you towards more impactful and engaging voiceover performances. Perfect for both aspiring and established voice talents looking to refine their approach to commercial voiceovers.

 Audit seats are also available. This will be observer only and will take place in our CC discord for viewing, there will be some Q&A time at the end of the workshop where audit members can ask questions if they like. 

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