Be a Care Actor

Event Starts in 12 days.

Starts at Mon, Jun 06 7:30PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Case Study hosted by Elley Ray

The wonders of Storytelling are accelerated by the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, musical ACTIONS in the instrument and for the most part, due to Institutionalized training, the Storyteller, remains in Neutral and does not Accelerate from the 'Once Upon A Time' Prologue, throughout the body of the script towards the Climax and then the eventual Denouement towards the Epilogue or End of the Story. Thus for the most part, expressions are flat and without shape or personality, leaving the listener feeling cold and excluded from any real, intimate connection from the VA. 

As in the Singing of Sheet music, where the entire song is orchestrated, with many variables in varying Cleffs, Notes, Scales, Weights of Notes (half, whole, quarter, sixteenth etc), Dynamics (forte, pianissimo, staccato, crescendo, decrescendo,harmony,diminuendo, rests etc) the Storytellers' Sheets also need to be orchestrated with many variables, except it is up to the ACTOR to create the uniquely orchestrated, authentic and individual expressions.

This is a class unlike any other, that invites the Storyteller to Colour Outside the Lines and Liberate their inner Genius who is capable of great feats of Magic using a vastly untapped bag of tricks that will Awaken the Alchemical Creator.

Using Right brain techniques we will rewire your sense of PLAY which is essential to Creating CHARACTERS! You are always a CHARACTER, which is simply a CARING ACTOR. 

By remembering your Audience and actually hearing them questioning you throughout your scripts, you will ignite the COMMUNICATION Skill set, which is the  ultimate human Connection.

We will explore what each storyteller is capable of beyond the usual habitual expression of announced, performed, imitated, regurgitated or read copy! There is a vast world of many genres of Commercials, Narration, Documentary, Audio Book that are waiting for a fearless, bold, liberated approach to verbal expression. 

This is where the Storyteller becomes the HERO/SHERO of every story whether they are a villian, hero, sidekick, ethereal, wizard, ghost, creature, AI, monster or other. This is a class that finds real life musicality and spontaneity in expression with games, exercises, techniques, behavioural changes, neurobic exercises, journalling, and a huge amount of vocal homework to unlock your hidden potential that has been lying dormant, waiting for this opportunity to THRIVE and Inspire your world!


Books to READ;

At Left Brain Turn Right Anthony Meindl

The Power of Mental Discipline Ian Tuhovsky

Mind Mapping Kam Knight

The Left Brain Speaks the Right Brain Laughs Ransom Stephen, PHD

I am doing some really fun work with creative neuro-builders and exercises to help liberate our sense of play and creative expression lol

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