Journey: VO Ambitions and Boba Milk Tea Ft. Maddie Matsumoto

Event Starts in 4 days.

Starts at Fri, Jul 08 7:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Journey: VO Ambitions and Boba Milk Tea Ft. Maddie Matsumoto

AMA hosted by Jamil Burger

Maddie Matsumoto is a Korean & Japanese-American voice actress, graphic designer, casting director, entrepreneur, singer, and self-proclaimed boba connoisseur from California, USA. She was introduced to the entertainment industry through musical theatre and modeling at the young age of 7, and has been actively performing ever since. Her voice acting journey began on a hot summer afternoon in 2013 after purchasing a $20 Logitech desk microphone from Best Buy for her friends to record their first song as a newly-formed band. Although her teenage music career never came to fruition, this fated moment was the spark to a blossoming career in voiceover. 

Maddie became a part-time freelancer while balancing her studies at university. After graduating in 2021, her relentless ambition paved the way to many new and exciting opportunities. Since then, Maddie has had the honor of collaborating with several renowned studios, including Crunchyroll, FUNimation, WEBTOON, and Lilith Games. 

In 2020, she co-established the remote and indie-friendly recording studio, Lunaria Sound, which is dedicated to building a network of creatives from across the globe of all experience levels. Through Lunaria, she has taken an active role behind-the-scenes of many indie games and animations as a casting and voiceover director.
When she is not screaming into a microphone or destroying her posture by sitting at the computer for hours on Photoshop, Maddie spends most of her time dunking on a 5-foot basketball hoop, getting her friends killed in co-op horror games, binge-watching MasterChef Canada episodes, and consuming an unhealthy amount of boba milk tea. She appreciates heartwarming dog memes and the occasional dad joke.