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Learn from an active industry expert

  • Tons of mic time!  This is NOT lecture based - it's all hands/voices on!  

    Time to ace those auditions and stand out from the rest.  Test your audtiion skills in various genres.  Work on audition skills, tips and techniques using scripts/auditions provided for you or bring in your own current auditions and have them directed by our own VOChef Deb - an award winning 30 year veteran of the voice world.

    Learn what you need to do to stand out in this aggressive market, from a talent who's not afraid to tell it like it is!  

  • There is an art to creating demos. Not only should you be ready for them but using just the right copy can make all the difference in your marketing!

    In this course, this 30+ year veteran walks you through creating demos that will suit you.      Over these eight weeks, you will create scripts that will be customized to your needs, interests and personalities.   VO chef Deb will guide you through each genre so you truly understand their different requirements, and whether you take on that genre now or later in the future! This class will help you be ready when you are.  We will also have a listen to some of the demos Deb and her team have written, created and directed together with the talent, making sure your demos reflect your personality not your demo producer’s!

    By the end of this course, you will walk away with all the scripts you need to create an award-winning demo… though ultimately, your readiness will be up to you!Join us for this worthwhile workshop that gives you a product you can use customized to your personality and needs! 

  • Movies, Video Game Narrators / Trailors, TV Stations, Podcast Promos, Intros, Extros, Station Personalities, Live Events, Award Shows and more.....

    Welcome to your future......this lucrative and fascinating genre will take your voice to new heights.

    Join your promo coach Deb Munro (aka VOChef Deb) - with over 30 years experience for 6 intense weeks that will prepare you for this action packed industry.  Having voiced for over 45 stations, 35 live events and more, this is one coach who truly understands this industry and knows exactly how to get you there.

    Each week you will be directed in each of these fascinating genres.  Get live direction and feedback with lots of script time, while learning the different styles required in each of these fields.  

    • Week one - Movie/Game Trailers
    • Week two - TV Promos
    • Week three - Station Imaging
    • Week four - Podcast Intros/Extros
    • Week Five - Live Events/Award Shows
    • Week six - CHOOSE YOUR GENRE

    Discover now only tricks and techniques to ace these kinds of auditions and jobs, but get live feedback with a redirect on each of these fields - all sessions recorded for you to review and keep learning from.

    This is one class you don't want to miss!


    Creating a Voice Acting business takes drive!

    In this 6 week workshop - you will be put to the test.

    Hands-on activities that force you to look for work.

    You will walk away with:

    • Marketing Schedule/Plan

    • Where to look for work 

    • How to approach potential clients

    • Pay 2 Play, Twitter, Fiverr, and other casting sites

    • Finding the right agent

    • Cover Letter Outlines

    • Follow Ups

    • Accountability

    • Assessment of your material *whatever stage you are at

    This class is designed for everyone, from beginner & intermediate actors, to the working talent who might be hitting a wall and need to make a change!  

    This unique approach to finding your own work has proven to be effective for not only hundreds of talents at different levels of their career, but is a tribute to the success of your coach - VO Chef Deb Munro.  

    Deb will share her industry secrets with you and take you through a plan from beginning to end, showing you another side to the business that you may have not considered.  This is a daunting industry.  It's not just about having the right skills, getting a great demo and landing an agent!  You have to know how to go after and find the work yourself - and there are not many who want to share.  This is a great opportunity to learn from a talent who built her business from the ground up and continues to thrive in her career.  She isn't going to wait around for it to happen, so join her for 6 intense weeks of research, development and growth and take your career to the next level.