Creating Manga and Webcomics

An Extended Deep Dive into Creating Manga and Webcomics
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Course Overview

Transform yourself with Creating Manga and Webcomics

Creating Manga and Webcomics will fine tune your art skills and knowledge in preparation for the creation of high quality manga and webcomics. We will go through the steps of understanding themes, building up a character from scratch, common practices of design, and finally, help you prepare your first webcomic and manga launch.

Course Outcomes

  • Give Your Characters Life:

    Writing and World Building: Students will learn to create flowcharts and learn what details to add and avoid while coming up with character concepts.

    Character Building and Understanding. Analyzing different art styles and how to break down characters into gestures, mannequins, and basic cartoon anatomy which develops body styles, weight, and keeping drawings consistent.

  • Tell Your Story:

    Panel Layouts. Knowing where and how to place your panels is essential to telling your story.

    Concept Sketching are a must have skill of any webcomic and manga. This goes beyond storyboarding and into the meat of the imagery.

    Finding Your Audience. Who will your first 100 readers be? First 1000? Tactics and strategies on audience building is part of this course.

    Pitch Package Completion. Students will learn how to properly optimize their character designs for web usage. They will go through the entire process using pre-chosen themes to create a webcomic.

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Course Schedule

2-4 hours per week
  • Tuesdays

    7PM-8PM EST

    Our live sessions happen every Tuesday.

Frequency Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a class?
We will record the live session for you to review.
What is your refund policy?
No refunds. Please be sure you want to take the course before you purchase it.
Do I have to turn on my video during sessions?
If you are uncomfortable showing your face on video, you don’t have to. It is helpful for instructors to watch your gestures and your movements in order to properly assess you as a student, but it’s not required.


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