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Commercial Voiceover is taught by Dave Bisson, A Chicago-based full-time voice artist who’s lent his voice to hundreds of TV, radio, & digital commercials, as well as industrial narrations, video games, toys, IVR, & just about every other form of VO except audiobooks.

Commercial VO auditions are near-universally asking for a read that’s “Conversational”, “Authentic”, “Genuine”, “Guy/Girl-next-door”, “A real person, not an actor” which has left a lot of aspiring (or even established) voiceover talent wondering how they can be any of these things for a script saying that power saws are on sale at the local hardware store.

In this course, you will learn how to approach any Commercial script and, by answering a few simple questions, find a voice that is authentic, conversational, friendly, & confident – without having to do any research on power saws.

Additionally, this course will deal with all the traps and pitfalls scripts can contain that are sabotaging your authentic voice without you even realizing it.

6-weeks, 90-120 minutes each week

This class is 6 weeks and will attempt to have multiple timeslots to accomodate all timezones. Each class session is 120 minutes, but some classes may go over. There will be discussion each week on your projects.

Video Recordings

This class is recorded so you'll be able to keep up to date even if you miss a session.

15 Credits

This class takes 15 credits to enroll.

Instructor, TA, and Peer education

This class has an instructor, a TA, and peer run assistance to help answer your questions. This class' format is feedback-based.

Small Class Size

This class' format is feedback-based. There are a limited number of students that can enroll in this class.

Dedicated Weekly Events

This class had a dedicated event specifically designed for it. This is in addition to the normal Closing Credit events.


Act Real


  • Efficient roadmap to finding your authentic conversational voice.
  • Approach any piece of commercial copy with ease.
  • How to interpret commercial specs, how to break down commercial copy, and how to avoid sounding "like you're reading"
  • Understand who your audience is, what you're talking about, why the conversation is taking place, and most importantly, why you care


Previous voice acting knowledge and experience strongly recommended. Consider Voice Acting 201 for fundamental skills prior to this course.

Voice Acting

Your days of doing take after take, hoping that you “nail it” around take 25 or so will be long gone. You’ll need to decide what to do with all your newfound free time.

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