Game Mode: Acting for Video Games

Understanding Video Game performance through vocal placement, exertions, scenework, & character psychology
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Hosted by

Chris Okawa

Course Overview

Dive deep into Acting for Video Games

Game Mode is a conclusive VO program taught by Chris Okawa based on his monthly workout series Cricket Fam VO Jam curriculum he's taught at Cricket Sound for the past 3 years.

Week over week it folds-in vocal disciplines specific to the video game genre, a genre unique for the opportunity to play the entire lifecycle of a character, it's theatrical, epic scenework, and a branching, complex narrative structure.

Course Outcomes

  • Analyze Characters:
    To be able to deconstruct existing and construct original video game characters from psychology, to physicality, to unique sound.
  • Scene Work:
    To be able to "read the room" on your audition sides, knowing your role in the grand story arc and playing the scene not the line.
  • Vocal Strengths:
    To find healthy, sustainable vocal placement throughout your natural range to evoke believable performances.
  • Freedom to Perform:
    Find freedom as an empowered actor, with concrete tools and reference points to let that performance rip.

Hosted By

  • Chris Okawa

    Founder of Cricket Sound
    Chris is a full-time voice talent, running Cricket Sound from his studio in Orlando. Over his years in the business he's had the privilege of voicing characters for Nintendo, Square Enix, Cartoon Network, Funimation, SEGA, Bandai, Ubisoft, Portkey, inXile, WB Interactive, Hi-Rez and Titmouse for such titles as Fire Emblem Heroes, Paladins, House of The Dead: Remake, Divine Knockout, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, Wasteland 3, EDF: World Brothers, Cloudpunk, and a project premiering on Cartoon Network in early 2024.

    Chris has been coaching privately and in partnership with organizations such as Suchavoice and Closing Credits for the past 4 years, and has run a monthly VO workout for the past 3 years which was the think tank for much of this course content.

Course Outline


Character Psychology

• The scene "High Level"

• Beat By Beat Metaphor

• Character Journey

• Filtering Through the Vocal Control Panel


Your Vocal House

• Vocal Placement

• Consistency (Staying in the sleeve)

• Finding the Character in Your Voice


VO Fight Club

• SOVT Warm-Up Introduction 

• Fight Efforts Training

• Death Efforts Training

• Acting Combat Scenes from Video Games


Sounds Like Teen Spirit

• Oral Posture/Non-Dialect Affectations 

• Teen Vocal Textures

• Teen Character Psychology

• Finding Vulnerability


Voice of the Villains

• Villain Psychology 

• Finding Your Inner "Mean"

• Acting Villain Monologues

• Acting Villain Scenes

Course Schedule

1 hour per week
  • Mondays - January 2024

    7PM-9PM EST

    Our live sessions happen every Monday in January 2024.

    • Week 1 runs for 1 Hour
    • Weeks 2–5 run for 2 Hours each
    Each class will have 30 mins of Q&A afterwards.

  • Saturdays - January 2024

    3PM-5PM EST

    Our live sessions happen every Saturday in January 2024.

    • Week 1 runs for 1 Hour
    • Weeks 2–5 run for 2 Hours each
     Each class will have 30 mins of Q&A afterwards.

  • Homework

    About 1 hour per week

    There is minimal homework as Chris prefers to work hands-on with you!

Course Benefits

  • In-Depth Script Analysis

    You will be taught some incredible techniques that will help you analyze scripts like a pro.

  • Emphasis on One-on-One Direction

    Chris focuses on each student, giving them valuable time and guidance.

  • Industry AMA's with Your Coach

    Chris sets aside time after each class to answer any questions that you may have.

Frequency Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a class?
We will record the live session for you to review.
What is your refund policy?
No refunds. Please be sure you want to take the course before you purchase it.
Do I have to turn on my video during sessions?
If you are uncomfortable showing your face on video, you don’t have to. It will be helpful for Chris to watch your gestures and your movements in order to properly assess you as a student, but it’s not required.
What is your method based on?
My acting (and therefore coaching) method has a foundation in Stanislavski and classical theatrical acting, the Linklater voice and movement method, and a frame of on-camera acting.
Each week is different, are they cumulative?
Yes, I'd say each week we'll look to fold-in the previous weeks' disciplines to have you firing on all cylinders by week 5.
Is there homework?
There is minimal homework (about 1hr per week) as I prefer to work hands-on with you!
Is this THE key to Video Game voice acting?
It's my personal process to creating characters and performing scenes authentically and dynamically, so I'd say it's A key, not the ONLY key.
Will we cover Dialects?
We will cover Oral Posture and Vocal Affectation, as well as some Vocal Textures, however not Dialects/Accents. You are of course welcome to perform your own in presentation if appropriate.


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