Improv Is Life
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Hosted by

June Yoon

Course Overview

Transform yourself with Improvisation

When you wake up in the morning, you’re not presented with the day’s script that tells you what to say. For the vast majority of your day, your brain is forming those sentences using improvisation and ordering your body to convey the message.

The key to authenticity in your voice acting is to embody that exact process with a script: to make someone else’s words come out of you as if those words were your own.

In this 6-week course, you will learn about the fundamentals of short-form improvisation. Through this curriculum, you will gain an abundance of self-confidence, practice in storytelling and characterization, the collaborative spirit, and empathy for others.

More importantly, you will gain additional awareness about you, the person. And it is precisely this awareness of self that will play a crucial role in your ability to authentically deliver those lines in a script.

Course Outcomes

  • Fun:

    The biggest and the immediate result you will experience is FUN. Yes, I’m fully aware of how cliché this sounds. Simultaneously, you’d be surprised at how much the idea of HAVING FUN with a script affects your performance in front of the microphone.

    We call these things PLAYS and SCREENPLAYS for a reason. When actors PLAY and HAVE FUN with the characters and the story, the resulting performance, whether it’s for an audition or for a recording session, is always unique, authentic, and entertaining, demanding the attention of the audience.

Hosted By

  • June Yoon

    Actor, Director and Educator

    With over 20 years of combined experience as actor, director, producer, and educator, June prides himself in bringing his journey and knowledge to his students. Having worked as a credentialed theatre arts educator for 11 years, June is truly passionate about the growth of his students.

    Since 2016, as June began his voice actor journey, he has lent his voice to global brands like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Mastercard, Samsung, Amazon, LG Chem, and more. He is the voice of Jaeyun in Ubisoft’s “Brawlhalla”, Satan in “Lovingly Evil”, “Savant” in LIQUIDATION, among many others. He can also be seen in “미국을 만나다” (Meet America) - a Korean travel show about The United States of America in which he worked as the on-screen host for 44 episodes in 2019.

Course Outline


Session 1: Fundamentals of Improvisation and Ensemble Building

  • - Yes-And and Accepting Offers
  • - Practical: “What Are You Doing?!”


Session 2: Internal Components of Storytelling

  • - Relationship/Location/Conflict
  • - Practical: Basic Scene Work


Session 3: Application of Knowledge: Storytelling

  • - Applying what we’d learned into a narrative-centric improvisation
  • - Practical: “New Choice” and the Two-Plus-Two format


Session 4: Application of knowledge: Characterization

  • - Applying what we’d learned into a character-centric improvisation
  • - Practical: “Good Bad Worst” or “The Dating Game”


Session 5: Puns

  • - Training your brain to make quick and bold choices
  • - Practical: “185” or “Back In My Day”


Session 6: Practical Application

  • - Students will bring in an audition they'd like to work on from Casting Call Club (or elsewhere)
  • - Alternatively, students may use an audition script from the instructor's script library
  • - In class, students will apply what they've learned in a live-directed audition recording session

Course Schedule

1 hour per week
  • Thursdays

    5pm-6pm Pacific (8-9pm ET)

    Our live sessions happen every Thursday.

Frequency Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a class?
We will record the live session for you to review.
What is your refund policy?
No refunds. Please be sure you want to take the course before you purchase it.
Do I have to turn on my video during sessions?
If you are uncomfortable showing your face on video, you don’t have to. It is helpful for instructors to watch your gestures and your movements in order to properly assess you as a student, but it’s not required.


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