Blog Journey: Hardships in Voice Acting Ft. Sean Chiplock

Sean Chiplock is a Los Angeles-based talent with a heart that burns as furiously for voiceover as the California sun does for the unprepared tourist. Having lent his voice across a spectrum of videogames, commercials, promo, anime, western animations, mobile apps, business/training videos, ESL Education Programs, and a whole host of other media projects, he continues to set his sights on experiencing even more opportunities as he aims to consistently further widen his skillset. Sean is available for both in-studio as well as at-home recording requests, and is no stranger to independent/solo projects alongside the bigger company titles.

Fast turnaround, adaptive direction-taking, and a never-ending passion for his craft have led to an impressive level of growth in his career, and continue to be major elements of his focus as an actor. Sean is also a well-known supporter and participant in the communities and fandoms that make his career possible, and is always eager to have the chance to interact with his fans on a more personal level.


Full interview:

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