Blog How Will AI Impact Voice Acting?

NOTE: This entire article was written by AI — all images and text. It was formatted by Buford for the internet.

It's difficult to say exactly what AI will do to help voice actors, as the field is constantly evolving and new developments are always on the horizon. However, here are a few potential ways that AI could assist voice actors in their work:

Automated script analysis

Automated script analysis: AI could be used to analyze scripts and identify key words, phrases, and emotional cues that could help voice actors better understand their characters and deliver more accurate and convincing performances.

An example of this, if a script has a voice prompt of energetic, when a voice actor speaks, the AI could give real-time feedback to determine if the performance was energetic.

Voice processing and editing

Voice processing and editing: AI could be used to process and edit recorded audio, allowing voice actors to quickly and easily make adjustments to their performances without the need for expensive and time-consuming manual editing.

Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback: AI could be used to provide real-time feedback to voice actors during recording sessions, allowing them to quickly identify and correct any mistakes or inconsistencies in their performances. Commonly, directors will guide an actors with performance notes. Think about audiobooks. When a narrator is reading dozens of hours of writing, a human might forget the pronunciation of minor places or characters, whereas AI will instantly be able to remember the correct pronunciation and even correct it without having to record again.

Audition assistance

Audition assistance: AI could be used to help voice actors prepare for auditions by providing personalized feedback and guidance on their performances, as well as by suggesting appropriate auditions based on their skill level and vocal range. AI, in this case, would compliment or supplement the work of a coach and agent. It can find work instantly as it appears on the internet and matches the criteria of the voice actor based on the actor’s own ability.

Marketing and promotion

Marketing and promotion: AI could be used to help voice actors market and promote themselves and their work, by generating personalized marketing materials and promoting their services to potential clients through social media and other online platforms. Instead of an actor having to think about the labels to apply to their own vocal ranges, AI would be able to automatically apply them (e.g. if an actor has a certain accent or various vocal describes such as warm). Based off these labels, AI would also be able to generate various custom demo reels per attribute.

It is unlikely that AI will completely replace the need for voice actors in the near future. While AI technology has advanced significantly in recent years, it still cannot match the complexity and nuance of human speech and emotion. Voice acting involves much more than simply reading words off a page – it requires a deep understanding of character development, emotional expression, and the ability to convey meaning and intent through vocal performance. These are skills that are uniquely human and cannot be easily replicated by AI.

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