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Audio Engineering

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A skill set in audio is imperative to being a working voice talent as well as those working with voice talent. And though it takes time to master the craft, we want to give you a fast and effective path towards a professional standard of work in your own home studio. Over the course of 12 weeks you will learn all of the tools necessary to begin working in this fascinating fast paced industry. We will cover the basics such as gain staging, EQ, and compression as well as real world uses of the skills needed to be successful. You will be given audio examples and practical projects that relate closely to real-world professional practice. This is a hands on course that will give you the skills and knowledge on being an effective audio engineer.


This class is 12 weeks and will attempt to have multiple timeslots to accomodate all timezones.

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How to drastically improve the quality of your recorded audio no matter what you are using to record.

Understand how to not only identify audio quality issues but why it is happening and how to fix them.

The considerations in setting up your own home studio and how you can create a recording space that can offer broadcast quality recordings even with very little budget.

Topics Covered

Gain staging

Setting your audio levels to a manageable state for the cleanest mix possible.


Taking recorded tracks and blending them to create an ensemble.


Automatically performing tasks over time such as panning, volume changes, or effect levels.


Time based effects where one creates a sense of space and the other creates a reflection of a signal played back back after a period of time.


Sculpting to shape a tone by boosting and cutting frequencies.


A volume leveler bringing the quietest signals up and the louder signals down.


Combining multiple sounds to create a atmosphere or musical ensemble.

Sound design

Creation and manipulation of sounds to create a new sound or create a scene.

Aux tracks

Used for routing a signal with effects for something like a headphone mix.


Used for time based effects like reverb and delay when you send a copy of your signal to a return for an effect.


A route of one or more audio sources to a single group.


Super fast compressor to contain peaks and prevent reaching a certain threshold.


A rise/fall in gain used to prevent hard cuts.


How many DB before reaching zero DB.


Placement within the stereo field.


How much compression is being done after the threshold is hit.


A technique that when an alternative source’s threshold is met, a processor takes effect.


Unpleasant tonal harshness that occurs on consonants such as S, T, and Z.


Loudness Unit Full Scale which is the maximum loudness a system can handle.


When downsampling adding a quantization distortion to distract from the displaced samples.

And dozens more!

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