Improv Is Life

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When you wake up in the morning, you’re not presented with the day’s script that tells you what to say. For the vast majority of your day, your brain is forming those sentences using improvisation and ordering your body to convey the message.

The key to authenticity in your voice acting is to embody that exact process with a script: to make someone else’s words come out of you as if those words were your own.

In this 6-week course, you will learn about the fundamentals of short-form improvisation. Through this curriculum, you will gain an abundance of self-confidence, practice in storytelling and characterization, the collaborative spirit, and empathy for others.

More importantly, you will gain additional awareness about you, the person. And it is precisely this awareness of self that will play a crucial role in your ability to authentically deliver those lines in a script.


This class is 6 weeks and will attempt to have multiple timeslots to accomodate all timezones.

Video Recordings

This class is recorded so you'll be able to keep up to date even if you miss a session.

10 Credits

This class takes 10 credits to enroll.

Instructor, TA, and Peer education

This class has an instructor, a TA, and peer run assistance to help answer your questions. This class' format is feedback-based.

Small Class Size

This class' format is feedback-based. There are a limited number of students that can enroll in this class.

Dedicated Weekly Events

This class had a dedicated event specifically designed for it. This is in addition to the normal Closing Credit events.


The biggest and the immediate result you will experience is FUN. Yes, I’m fully aware of how cliché this sounds. Simultaneously, you’d be surprised at how much the idea of HAVING FUN with a script affects your performance in front of the microphone.

We call these things PLAYS and SCREENPLAYS for a reason. When actors PLAY and HAVE FUN with the characters and the story, the resulting performance, whether it’s for an audition or for a recording session, is always unique, authentic, and entertaining, demanding the attention of the audience.


More of a guideline

We'll improvise a little

Session 1: Fundamentals of Improvisation and Ensemble Building
  • - Yes-And and Accepting Offers
  • - Practical: “What Are You Doing?!”
Session 2: Internal Components of Storytelling
  • - Relationship/Location/Conflict
  • - Practical: Basic Scene Work
Session 3: Application of Knowledge: Storytelling
  • - Applying what we’d learned into a narrative-centric improvisation
  • - Practical: “New Choice” and the Two-Plus-Two format
Session 4: Application of knowledge: Characterization
  • - Applying what we’d learned into a character-centric improvisation
  • - Practical: “Good Bad Worst” or “The Dating Game”
Session 5: Puns
  • - Training your brain to make quick and bold choices
  • - Practical: “185” or “Back In My Day”
Session 6: Private Performance Session
  • - Students will perform a mock performance session. Friends and family are welcome to join in the audience.

All sessions will be held in Zoom and you will be able to review the class recording if you miss a class. However, by enrolling in this course, you agree to not share any videos or images of any kind with anyone, both during and after the sessions. You may review the videos for your own viewing only. Nothing else. This is an issue that I take very seriously. Please respect the privacy of your classmates.

Due to the nature of the content, there will be no homework. In exchange, I will expect you to come to each class physically and mentally prepared, be willing to explore and fail spectacularly, and to do your best. PLUS ULTRA!

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